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Percy Jackson's Greek Heroes - Rick Riordan, Jesse Bernstein

   The book was about 12 different story about a Greek hero. Every story had different type of genre romance,tragic,action, but most of them were tragic and when tragic is involve a lot of innocent people die in only one story.But when i read this book the author wrote it in a funny way so it can't be so gloomy and well old fashion. My top one is about a chapter called Amazon Warriors is about women don't have freedom because back the days they were more like tools than a person. Their Fathers choose their life,freedom,and who they marry.When Arena's (I think this is how to spell her name,maybe) father choose her husband it was like she was a slave.She got tried of following every single rule so during the night she got his husband's arrow and bow and taught her self how to use it and when the sun rises she'll go back home.When she learned enough she could she went to ask other women to join her and some did so during the night every women learned how to fight.One day they all killed their husband at the same day they planed to. So after that was all done they conquer a land they called Amazon. So then they battled war against people who enter fer with there freedoms and rights.They were all good until a guy named Hercules came and killed them all for a misunderstanding incident and that is how it ended. I really liked this book because it's was mythological and about supernatural. I will recommend these book for students who like myth or people believes.